Our school’s most important ambassadors are our satisfied students, parents and successful graduates. We are all the more pleased when we regularly receive good reviews and great feedback from them:

«I have passed the entrance exam for Keio University’s Faculty of Policy Management which is one of the top universities in Japan. Of course, the entrance examination was  extremely challenging but because I could choose essay writing and English I could use all my experience and the knowledge learned in your classes at Academia International School Basel. In addition, a lot of the things I learned from my school life at Academia Basel really inspired me when I had to come up new political policy in the essay writing. Finally, thanks to the all of the precious experiences and learning you gave me for three years. I promise that I will never stop doing my best at university and in life.»
Nagi, former student from Japan

«My son joined Academia’s IGCSE-class in Zurich after we moved to Switzerland from Germany. He wants to study abroad, and we have found that the A-Level-system is more suitable in his case as it allows him to leverage his strengths and preferences. The staff at Academia are very supportive, clearly wanting students to succeed and have an enjoyable learning experience, while class contents are geared towards individual needs and getting ready for challenging and comprehensive exams. I am confident that this is a great preparation for further academic study in an international environment. Thanks to everyone at Academia.»
Christiane J., mother of an IGCSE-student, Academia International School Zürich

„I joined Academia at the beginning of the covid pandemic and it was a great decision. I am a Jazz pianist and need a lot of time and energy to practice at home. Previously, I was at a Gymnasium where I had a very tight schedule and very bad music lessons. So I decided to switch to Academia and continue my music lessons privately. Because Academia has great supportive teachers and structured lessons, I was able to achieve my goal of getting into Berklee College of Music and thereby not sacrificing my grades in school which would not have been possible for me at my previous Gymnasium. So I am very happy!”
Raoul Schimkat, A-Level-student, Academia International School Zürich

«I just want to say how grateful I am to the Academia teachers who have taught my son these last 3 years. It is amazing what he has achieved and this would not have been possible in the local school. He was in the lower group and told he would never make it to university. I am so happy that he has proved them wrong. I know he is not there yet, but the fact that he may have that option is wonderful. I am overjoyed to say the least: You all do such a brilliant job.»
Mother of a student at Academia International School Basel

«Academia is one of the best schools in the city of Zurich. The attention to the needs of individual students and a world-class international environment is a great benefit. The school provides a conducive atmosphere to students to explore their creativity, interests and encourages individual expression. It helps to develop the self-confidence of children and prepares them to excel in life. I can easily recommend the school.»
Sanjeev Kumar, father of an A-Level-student, Academia International School Zürich

«I am an American parent and I have two daughters in Academia. I have a daughter who will be graduating this year and going to university in the United States. Academia’s IGCSE-program definitely prepared her for applying for many universities in the United States. She is actually getting to go to college at the age of 17 because of how well the IGCSE-program prepared her for applying for college. She is going to Penn State University and actually got early admission as a 16 year old because she completed the IGCSE-level of classes and exams. Now she is taking AS-level-classes in her last year and those will afford her a few extra college credits in the United States. We have been extremely pleased with how this program has prepared her for college. It has been an extremely challenging program that is far harder than the United States high school program. And we moved here from a top high school in Boston, Massachusetts. She has applied to many universities and the IGCSE-program made her prepared to do that. The universities looked very favorably on her IGCSE-program as what was needed for an incoming freshman at most universities. Our other daughter is vision-impaired, and we have found that Academia has been extremely open and accepting of her needs and meeting her needs at school. We did not find that at some of the other international schools. Academia has made it easy for our daughter to get what she needs and access the curriculum and be successful. Overall – this is a great school and we have been so pleased on how well prepared our children have become for university whether in Europe or in the United States.»
Mother of two daughters at Academia International School Basel

«We joined Academia School from its very early stages and both our boys stayed for 7 years. Over those years it was sometimes difficult, but we always had a good feeling about the approach and commitment the school has, as well as a philosophy of creating ownership with the children.
Clearly, moving away from Switzerland and into a new school system was a test of what our boys actually learned at Academia. Especially a change of language along with it created some concern for us as parents.
I am pleased to report to you that this concern was unwarranted. Both our boys passed the highest level of schooling (VWO) in the Netherlands with excellent grades in their first year back. Besides the language challenge they also had a Corona challenge to overcome.
I believe this is a testament to the wonderful educational experience both our boys got at Academia. Having had the both the academic freedom as well as the ownership discipline, it clearly equipped them for this new challenge.»
Father of two sons at Academia International School Basel

“We are very happy that our son is studying at the Academia. The Academia allows our son to study A Levels according to his interests and to prepare for them in small classes. The teachers attach great importance to the fact that besides the specialized knowledge, the young people also learn what these subjects are put into practice. Thus, already in the first year they participated in the “Model United Nation” in Basel and our son was awarded the 2022 Award.“
Parents of an IGCSE-student, Academia International School Zürich