Electives and extracurricular activities

We have a range of electives and extracurricular activities. We encourage all students to select at least one non-examined extracurricular. 

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Many people like the IB because of the service learning it offers. However, at Academia International School students can get fully involved in service learning and it is a choice, rather than something they are required to do. Service is an integral part of our Duke of Edinburgh Award. This might involve volunteering your time to teach others a skill you are good at, getting involved with fundraising or working in conjunction with Amnesty International. 

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is comprised of four areas:

  • Social and community service
  • New skills
  • Sports
  • Expedition 

Students must show evidence of fulfilling a number of hours in each category. We will offer assistance particularly in the areas of social and community service and the expedition. Universities in the UK and US look with particularly high regard on the silver and gold levels.  


Regular sport promotes the ability to concentrate. We therefore offer a range of sporting activities that provide a balance to the school day.


We have an enthusiastic Academia School football squad. Players train weekly at Rankhof stadium in Basel. 


We have a dedicated “movement studio” in school. We offer Yoga on a weekly basis. All mats are provided.


Would you like to learn Karate? We have a Swiss national champion who attends our school. Karate for beginners can be organised to take place in our movement studio.

Meditation and stretch

While not considered to be a sport, we provide daily meditation and stretch sessions in our 2nd floor movement room.


Our electives are weekly classes, which are not assessed or examined. The idea is to nurture students, harnessing their passion and enjoyment thereby allowing them to explore an area without the pressure of assessment.

  • Art

  • Computer Science

  • Gardening

  • Drama and Literature in German for German native speakers