Our school is a small but lively community. We strongly believe that young people learn best when they feel safe and secure, so we invest in stable, positive relationships. Our doors are always open whenever needed. We cultivate mutual respect and openness and always seek the best possible solution.

All students are provided with a personal learning coach who discusses progress as well as concerns that go beyond the curriculum.

Workshops organised by our School Counsellor on topics such as life skills, study techniques, exam anxiety, or bullying not only support students in their learning but also prepare them for their future paths. Our educational leadership team is responsible for tailored study plans and serves as the primary point of contact for teachers and parents regarding educational matters.

Our Careers Advisor assists students and parents with university and college matters. Together, they discuss study options in Switzerland and abroad and provide support with applications. Our careers curriculum also includes workshops, university visits, and our annual university fair held at the school. In this way, we encourage our students to think about their future and take responsibility for their academic journey.

Students can actively participate in our school and its development processes by being part of our student council. One student representative is elected per grade level, working closely with our educational leadership team. This gives our students a voice and involves them in decision-making.

Within the school, we organise regular Community Days where the entire school community comes together for activities on current topics. Regardless of their grade level, our students gather to promote exchange and collaboration, strengthening the sense of community and building trust.