What is unique about us

We build on our strengths. We see ourselves as an inclusive community where our students and staff, regardless of background or nationality, feel accepted and can develop their potential. We are therefore a school that fosters individual self-confidence through open and supportive relationships, being flexible to change, and offering many choices.

We are passionate about learning. While the initial transfer of knowledge takes place in the classroom, we encourage our students to incorporate this knowledge into comprehension of the learned material. During our daily study time, our teachers closely accompany the students along an in-depth consideration of what they have learned. The personal learning coach also helps students create learning plans and develop and apply appropriate learning strategies. Our teachers are also constantly learning from one another by visiting each other’s classes, giving mutual feedback and exchanging ideas about teaching methods.

Our teachers are our greatest capital. Our teachers -all highly qualified and with an international background – have chosen to work with us because they share our core values. Their commitment and loyalty help ensure that our students build strong relationships with their them. On-going learning and exchange between teachers is important to us, which is why we encourage mutual classroom visits (peer review), sharing experiences, and organise workshops on topics such as design thinking.

We believe in innovative teaching and learning methods. The instruction of cognitive and metacognitive strategies are an integral part of our teaching, including interdisciplinary work. A particular focus is on design thinking, an approach designed to lead to problem solving and the development of new ideas in an agile world. Our students learn how to face the set tasks, be curious and creative, collaborate, experiment with possible answers and solutions, and to understand that there is no one truth or answer. Rather, it is about developing a deeper understanding by questioning things and looking at them from different perspectives.

We teach skills for life. In today’s world, knowledge is no longer the sole key to success. Through specially designed workshops led by our school counsellor, we empower our students to effectively navigate the challenges of everyday life. They acquire skills to address learn fears, manage stress, tackle bullying and handle other demanding situations, thereby enhancing their resilience.

We view technology as an enrichment for the classroom. Implementing digital skills requires a holistic approach involving collaboration among our teachers, students, parents, and the community. Together, they contribute to create an inspiring learning environment fostering technological proficiency. We incorporate technology into our curriculum by encouraging learning that requires the use of digital tools, educating on safety, utilising educational apps to facilitate interactive learning, and connecting digital skills to real-life scenarios. Supported by our ICT coordinator, we strive to create a technologically advanced learning environment that prioritises the continuous development of digital skills.

Holistic learning is the key to success. Our School Counselor is available to our students as a trusted individual to support them in various aspects of their academic and personal lives. From academic guidance to coping with personal challenges, and conducting workshops with our classes, the School Counselor is there to promote our students’ social and emotional development, as well as strengthen self-awareness and resilience.

In collaboration with our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo), training sessions are conducted not only within the classrooms but also within the teaching team. If necessary, our SENCo administers internal assessments that qualify students for accommodations during official examinations. Should more intensive support be required, our SENCo facilitates connections with external specialists or additional organisations.

Through close collaboration with teachers, parents, and external professionals, the school counselor contributes to creating a supportive environment in which our students can fully realise their potential. 

Exploring Business hands-on – Young Enterprise Switzerland. We take pride in our partnership with Young Enterprise Switzerland (YES), an organization dedicated to fostering innovation and competitiveness in Switzerland. Collaborating with renowned Swiss companies, YES provides hands-on programmes that give students direct insight into how the economy functions while allowing them to gain their first practical experiences.

Students establish and operate a mini-company, experiencing firsthand what it means to be an entrepreneur throughout the school year. Using the design thinking method, they navigate through various stages toward implementing their own entrepreneurial idea. The programme not only bridges the gap between theory and practice but also promotes social skills and personal development.

We focus on what lies beyond graduation. For our students, our school is a stage along their educational path. Our Careers Advisor therefore advises and empowers students and their families towards making informed decisions about university options in Switzerland and abroad, career paths, and future endeavors. In addition to regular workshops for our classes, we develop individualised career plans, organise visits to universities, hold an annual university fair at the school or invite guest speakers. In this way, we encourage our students to think about their future and take responsibility for their further academic pathway for a successful future.

This is what we stand for

  • Highly qualified international teaching staff

  • Personal learning coach for every student

  • Open and transparent communication as well as flexibility

  • Innovative teaching and learning methods such as design thinking

Our school

Beyond the classroom

  • Support and workshops offered by our School Counsellor

  • Guidance from our Careers Advisor in choosing and applying to universities

  • Enhancement of digital skills through ICT support

Solve for Tomorrow

A programme for our Pre-IGCSE classes

Solve for Tomorrow inspires young people to engage with societal challenges and develop meaningful solutions in teams. They learn various innovation and creativity methods and implement them in their own project. In doing so, they acquire important cross-disciplinary competencies (Future Skills) and prepare themselves for the workplace of tomorrow.