What is unique about us

We build on our strengths. We see ourselves as an inclusive community where our students and staff, regardless of background or nationality, feel accepted and can develop their potential. We are therefore a school that fosters individual self-confidence through open and supportive relationships, being flexible to change, and offering many choices.

We are passionate about learning. While the initial transfer of knowledge takes place in the classroom, we encourage our students to incorporate this knowledge into comprehension of the learned material. During our daily study time, our teachers closely accompany the students along an in-depth consideration of what they have learned. The personal learning coach also helps students create learning plans and develop and apply appropriate learning strategies. Our teachers are also constantly learning from one another by visiting each other’s classes, giving mutual feedback and exchanging ideas about teaching methods.

Our teachers are our greatest capital. Our teachers – all highly qualified and with an international background – have chosen to work with us because they share our core values. Their commitment and loyalty help ensure that our students build strong relationships with their teachers. On-going learning and exchange between teachers is important to us, which is why we encourage mutual classroom visits (peer review), sharing experiences, and workshops on topics such as design thinking.

We believe in innovative teaching and learning methods. The instruction of cognitive and metacognitive strategies are an integral part of our teaching, including interdisciplinary work. A particular focus is on design thinking, an approach designed to lead to problem solving and the development of new ideas in an agile world. Our students learn how to face the set tasks, curious and creative, collaborate, experiment with possible answers and solutions, and to understand that there is no one truth or answer. Rather, it is about developing a deeper understanding by questioning things and looking at them from different perspectives.

We teach skills for life. Knowledge alone is not sufficient for surviving in today’s world. In specially created weekly workshops, we guide our students to effectively master the challenges of everyday life. They learn how to deal constructively with fears, stress, bullying and other difficult situations, thereby strengthening their resilience.

We focus on what lies beyond graduation. For our students, our school is a stage along their educational path. We therefore accompany and advise them on their choice of studies as well aiding them in their search for and registration at colleges and universities worldwide. One of the tools we use is the BridgeU education platform, which uses the student’s personal profile (interests, strengths, combination of subjects and desired final grades) to suggest possible areas of study and careers, as well as providing further information from more than 28’000 colleges and universities around the world, information on webinars and university fairs.

This makes us unique

  • Highly qualified international teaching staff

  • Personal learning coach for every student

  • Open and transparent communication as well as flexibility

  • Innovative teaching and learning methods such as design thinking

Our school