What is unique about us

At Academia, we celebrate the advantages of being a small school. Being purposefully small allows our students to connect with each other and teachers more openly and readily. We are able to focus on their well-being and as a result our students learn in a safe, positive atmosphere. We have already established an excellent reputation for this. Another way that our school stands out is that we have a dedicated team of well-qualified international educators, the majority of whom have been with the school for a long time which is unusual in an international school setting. Such staff stability and sustained commitment is what allows us to really know each student and help them achieve their best. Our students go to universities across the globe including Switzerland. We also have access to German Pathways which can lead to Swiss vocational and technical schools. The combination of a rigorous academic curriculum and strong holistic school care helps prepare our students for life. Our staff seek to continually encourage students to be creative, optimistic and believe in themselves.

This makes us unique

  • Safe, positive learning atmosphere 

  • Dedicated team of well-qualified international educators

  • Unique combination of rigorous academic curriculum and solid school care