How to secure a place for your child at our school

We are a school with about 100 students from grades 9 to 12. Please be sure to register early if you wish to benefit from the quality of a small school as well as the reputation and international renown of the British school system.


  • Secondary school qualification; either 8th grade with top-level achievements or 9th grade with average-level achievements
  • Good knowledge of English at level B1+; reduced admission is possible if this has not been attained yet


Contact us

Contact us to arrange an admission meeting.

Admission meeting

The admission meeting gives us an opportunity to get to know the student and the family, to find out about previous schooling and why the student wants to join us as well as what type of programme would lbe suitable. We look at academic and non-academic factors such as the student’s motivation, interests and preferred way of learning.

English assessment

Students who are not native English speakers must take an English assessment test and reach a B1+ level* in order to join our full programme.

Other assessments

All students wishing to join in grade 10 or 11 must take entry assessments in Maths and Science to ensure they are at the right level.

Report cards

We ask for school report cards and grades from previous schools (scanned copies by e-mail is fine).

Insight week

Students can register for non-binding trial days at the school.


Students, families and the school then decide whether our school is the right choice for the student.

* English
Our curriculum is delivered in English with the exception of modern foreign languages. Students whose English is not yet at the required B1+ level are offered a reduced programme, with a focus on English and subject-specific academic vocabulary through English. In addition, students may be able to join Maths, French and German. Please note that this programme means that students will have to wait until the next academic year to join the regular academic programme. Students will be assessed throughout the year to ensure their English is sufficient to join the regular programme.

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