Extracurricular care and activities

Academia International School Basel offers far more than first-class teaching. Our extracurricular activities are an important part of our school concept. They are fun and promote various key competences such as creativity, organisation, social and coping skills. The day school structure at the primary school also relieves the burden on parents – so that they can enjoy family time without homework.

Certain childcare services, clubs and additional activities are subject to additional costs. Please refer to the price list.

Primary school

Our primary school offers wraparound care provided together with the Academia Bilingual School.

Care hours and school bus

We look after your child from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm. A school bus in the city of Basel ensures that children travel safely from home to school and back again.

Lunch menu

Our primary school pupils have lunch in our canteen. The food is balanced and healthy and is freshly prepared every day.

Afternoon extracurricular activities

During the afternoon wraparound care, pupils can play freely under supervision or take part in one of the clubs that we organise together with the school. The different clubs are fun and promote personal responsibility, creativity and the children’s coping and social skills. The children can participate according to their strengths and experience successes both individually and as a team.
We are also happy to organise piano and guitar lessons for your child at our school.

Other school activities

Special highlights during the school year are various activities related to public holidays and customs: Santa Claus visits us; we celebrate Halloween; and our winter open day excites the whole school community with the artistic and musical creativity of our pupils. In Year 3, pupils also go to the class camp, while Year 4 pupils spend a week at the ski and snow camp.

Holiday care

During part of the school holidays, we offer an attractive and varied holiday programme.

Primary school

  • School bus from door to door
  • Wraparound care from 8 am to 6 pm
  • Health lunch option in our canteen
  • Wide range of clubs, e.g.
  • homework, sports, arts, school band, adventure, cooking, dancing, computer
  • Holiday programme during part of the school holidays

Secondary school

In secondary school, young people enjoy a little more freedom than in primary school. Nevertheless, we ensure that they receive holistic support in a safe environment during their time at school.

Study Time

Homework time, known as study time, is an integral part of the secondary school timetable. It offers pupils the opportunity to do their homework under supervision and to prepare for exams.

Lunch in the canteen

Secondary school pupils can have their lunch in the canteen. They can, of course, also bring food from home.

Camps and excursions

A special highlight of every school year is our ski and snow camp in the mountains. Excursions and trips to the surrounding area round off the programme.

Electives and sports

Our secondary school pupils can also take part in various electives such as art or sports activities.

Secondary school

  • Lunch in the canteen
  • Optional clubs, e.g. football, yoga, art
  • Supervised homework time (study time)
  • Trips and excursions in the area
  • Ski and snow camps

IGCSE and A Levels

We encourage our older pupils to take at least one elective. Without pressure, they can broaden their methodological and social skills, try new things or deepen their passions in elective subjects.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

British and American universities value charitable extracurricular activities when applying for university places. With the Duke of Edinburgh Award programme, we offer our pupils the opportunity to have these activities officially confirmed.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award consists of four elements: community service/volunteering, developing new skills, sport and organising and conducting an expedition.
Participants must prove a certain number of hours in each category. As a school, we support our participants especially in the areas of expedition and volunteer work. Volunteering can be done, for example, as part of peer tutoring.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award at the gold and silver level is highly valued by British and American universities in the application process.


Regular exercise increases concentration, which is why we offer a range of sport activities that add balance to everyday school life. The activities are rearranged each year according to the wishes of the pupils and therefore change. They can range from yoga, meditation and karate to different team sports such as football or basketball.

Other extracurricular activities

Our pupils learn outside the classroom, on excursions and study trips. By organising and holding various school events such as graduation ceremonies, Exhibition Night and information events, interested pupils acquire far-reaching organisational skills. And in the school council, they can actively propose and discuss improvements.

IGCSE and A Levels

  • Duke of Edinburgh Award: bronze, silver and gold
  • Elective subjects (weekly lessons) e.g. art, computer science, gardening, etc.
  • School council and organisation of various school events (Exhibition Night, graduation ceremony, etc.)
  • Study trips, e.g. to New York (2023)