Electives and extracurricular activities

Our electives enable pupils to pursue their interests and passions without the pressure of examinations. Practice-oriented project and laboratory days are an integral part of our programme. In addition, our school council and school newspaper provide an opportunity to actively participate in the school community and development. The school council can initiate pupil initiatives, promote community work or make suggestions to improve our school.

Regular school excursions, cultural days, cinema evenings and year-end celebrations are organised by our pupils and round off our extracurricular activities.

The elective subjects are currently discussed with the pupils each year. As the number of pupils grows, the offer is continuously being expanded. We currently offer the following electives:

Cooking club
From healthy soups and salads to tasty main courses and delicious desserts, the pupils at Academia International School cook together and learn about different cuisines and flavours from all over the world. They also learn how to consciously handle food and avoid food waste.

Life skills
This course aims to teach pupils essential life skills, including life strategies, time management, personal interactions and communication skills. The course combines interactive workshops, activities, discussions and practical exercises to promote holistic personal development and to cope successfully with everyday (school) life.