International A Level: entry to universities and higher education institutions in Switzerland and abroad

The International A Levels are the most widely used qualification for admission to universities and higher education institutions worldwide. Building on a broad general education acquired as part of the IGCSE programme, pupils studying for the International A Levels focus on their individual strengths and interests.

Our teaching method

During the last two years at our grammar school, the pupils concentrate on three to four subjects, which they explore in depth. They learn to work independently, which is the ideal preparation for university studies.

The broad range of subjects on offer meets the individual interests of our pupils. Subjects are chosen with the pupil’s desired future studies in mind.

Our student advice service plays an important role in this. The team advises our pupils on their choice of subjects with a view to their future university studies and assists them in choosing a suitable degree programme and university.

Innovative teaching and learning methods, in particular the teaching of cognitive and metacognitive strategies and scientific and independent work, are an integral part of the curriculum at this stage. Our pupils, therefore, not only acquire the necessary in-depth knowledge, but also develop the necessary skills for successful university studies.

Our first-class teachers motivate every pupil to achieve their personal goals and get one step closer to their dream career.

Electives and extracurricular activities

An attractive electives programme and extracurricular activities complement the examination-relevant subjects and ensure the holistic development of our pupils.


Pupils from our IGCSE programme are admitted to our A Level programme without having to take an exam, provided they complete the relevant IGCSE subjects with good grades.

For all other pupils, we clarify their aptitude through an admission interview and assessments.

Follow-on options

After completing the International A Level, the doors to universities and higher education institutions in Switzerland and around the world are open to our pupils.
A selection of universities where our graduates study can be found here.

Please note that restrictions may apply depending on the university and degree programme (e.g. numerus clausus; subjects requiring specific A Level qualifications, etc.).

Would you like to find out more? Then arrange a non-binding consultation or attend one of our information events.

Key facts of our International A Level programme

  • Strength-oriented through a wide range of subjects
  • Qualification recognised by universities and higher education institutions worldwide
  • Individual support in a friendly learning environment.
  • Holistic approach with innovative teaching and learning methods
  • Consistently high success rate in examinations for more than 15 years
  • An exceptional team of dedicated, highly qualified teachers with many years of experience at this level of education
  • First and only secondary school with an A Level programme in Basel.

From a dream to a dream job


Our pupils can take the following specialist subjects (A Levels):

Biology, Chemistry, German as a second language, English as a first or second language, French as a second language, History, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, Geography, Economics, Art

On request, we offer the Edexcel Extended Project, a practice-oriented, independent study qualification, as a special subject.