English-language primary school: the perfect start

In our English-language primary school, we offer your child a safe and motivating learning environment from Kindergarten to Year 6. Our pupils’ strengths are encouraged and challenged. Our aim is for every child to embrace new things, to recognise mistakes as an opportunity for learning and to grow up to be a confident, responsible young person.

Our teaching method

We follow the Cambridge Primary curriculum; this highly flexible curriculum offers a broad and balanced primary education that opens the door to all higher education options for your child. Our qualified, native-speaker teachers adapt the curriculum to our context, culture and ethos, creating an inspiring learning environment.

Our schoolhouse is perfectly tailored to our primary school pupils

In autumn 2024, we are moving into our new premises at Hochstrasse 16 in Gundeldingen. Our primary school pupils will benefit from spacious, modern furnished classrooms that allow for different forms of learning, a protected courtyard that serves as a playground and break-time area, and specially equipped classrooms for art and design, science and music. Our canteen, where a freshly prepared lunch is served every day, also serves as a multifunctional space for sports and exercise, a break room in the colder season, and as a space for performances, parents’ evenings and much more.

Extracurricular activities and day school structure

We are also happy to take care of your child outside of teaching hours, from 8 am to 6 pm. In addition to free play time, we offer various after-school clubs and supervised homework time. We take care of the physical well-being of your child at lunch in the canteen, while a school bus takes your child safely to and from school. Here you will find further information on our day school structure.


Admission to our primary school is possible at any time after a discussion with the school administration. Children who do not yet speak English or speak little English will receive separate booster lessons to help them acquire the necessary language skills as quickly as possible.

Follow-on options

After completing Year 6, our pupils can:

  • Attend our secondary school (Pre-IGCSE) without an exam
  • Transfer to another international school
  • Transfer to a public secondary school (allocated to P/A/E ability levels based on an aptitude test)

Would you like to find out more? Then arrange a non-binding consultation or attend one of our information events.

Key facts of our primary education

  • Holistic education in a modern learning environment
  • Cambridge Primary curriculum – a highly flexible curriculum
  • Qualified, native-speaker teachers
  • Educational rigour combined with tailored support
  • Comprehensive day school structure with homework time, clubs, lunch and school bus


Our timetable covers the following subjects:
English, Mathematics, Science, German, French (from Year 5), Geography, History, Music, Media and Computer Science, Art and Design, Sport, Health and Well-being

Bilingual primary school

Are you looking for a bilingual school for your child?
The Academia Bilingual School offers a programme from kindergarten to the end of primary school.